Who Uses Hair Building Fiber?

KeraFiber, hair thickening building fibers

All sorts of people use KeraFiber for all sorts of reasons. There are many different treatments available for people suffering from hair loss and natural balding; this can include surgical procedures as well as natural treatments like hair building fiber. Natural hair fiber treatments are highly effective as they are made from keratin proteins – the same proteins found in your natural hair.

Natural Hair Loss

A woman with blonde hair. The text "hair loss" is visible.

People who suffer from natural hair loss can benefit from hair fiber as this will allow them to instantly have more volume and a thicker, more natural looking head of hair. Natural hair loss, or involutional alopecia, is not uncommon, especially in elderly people as hair can start to thin out as they advance in age. As hair starts to thin, hairs can also fall out, adding to the thinning appearance, which is why natural fibers are so beneficial to use.

Male and Female Pattern Baldness

Men and women's baldness diagram
Male and female pattern baldness, also called androgenic alopecia, is a common form of hair loss in both men and women. It is characterized by the thinning of hair on the crown area of the head, or from the temples. Hair building fiber can successfully be used to treat this as it can be applied at the beginning stages of this condition to reduce its visual effects. Since hair building fibers will bond to your natural hair, it can provide you with a thicker, volumizing look that is definitely beneficial to your overall confidence.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia on a man's scalp

Natural hair fiber treatments are very effective for people suffering from alopecia areata. This condition refers to random balding spots that can occur suddenly and also regrow spontaneously. Since this condition can be unpredictable, hair fibers can be applied to the affected areas and reduce the appearance of thinning hair and give the appearance of a full head of hair.

There are many other reasons why people may choose to use KeraFiber, including bacterial infections like folliculitis. This condition refers to the infection of your hair follicles and although it can occur on any area of your body that has hair, it is most common on your face and scalp. This can lead to hair loss, which is why natural treatment is a great option, especially since this can be a temporary issue and you don’t need to undergo any extensive treatments or procedures.

Hair Fiber for Thin Hair

KeraFiber hair thickening building fibers

It is very common for people with naturally thin hair to want to add volume to their hair so that it looks as if they have a fuller, thicker head of hair. Products like KeraFiber can provide you with an instant solution to thin hair – even if it is related to a medical condition.

These sorts of products are almost always undetectable, meaning that you really shouldn’t worry about their visibility on your head. Whether you are young and looking for a product to add volume to your hair, or an elderly individual who wants to combat the effects of natural hair thinning, products of this sort are ideal.