The Best Remedies for Hair Loss

If you are experiencing hair loss then you have most likely come across numerous remedies. These will help your hair regrow and or thicken your hair. But the best immediate solution to you hair thinning troubles is to conceal your thinning hair. This is where KeraFiber comes in. We are here to help greatly improve the appearance of your thinning hair.

No matter whether your hair thinning is severe or not, the loss of hair can prove distressing and leave you feeling flat and lacking in confidence. We have created three steps that, if followed, should help boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Three step solution

Three step solution

These three steps that will help you in taking care of your hair loss. The first step is to read our styling tips, the second is to use KeraFiber and the third and final step is to take vitamins. All three steps should help you in the process of improving hair thinning. We suggest that you do all three simultaneously to ensure that you get the best results.


Hair styling

If you take on board our styling tips then you can consider the different haircuts you could potentially have that will help you to deal with hair thinning. From pixie cuts and chin length bobs for women, to completely shaven and crew cuts for men, there are plenty of options.



KeraFiber is a great immediate remedy for hair loss. KeraFiber makes your hair appear healthier and thicker with the use of Keratin particles that attach to your hair when applied. The Keratin particles are charged with static electricity so that they attach to you hair in a secure manner. This very effective product can leave you feeling confident as it lasts through everyday activity. KeraFiber will remain on your hair even when you’re sweating, when it’s raining or when it’s windy. It is very hard to tell you are even using the product. Check out some of our testimonials to see how well the product works.



Vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin E are the best choice for improving the quality of your hair. An added bonus is that these vitamins also help your nails and skin. Taking supplements everyday will help promote hair growth and ensure that your body’s immune system facilitates proper cell growth. Below are a list of all the vitamins that help to improve the health of your hair.

Vitamin A is the most popular vitamin used to help improve hair and make it healthy. You can find vitamin A in some meats and vegetables but you may find it more convenient to take it in pill form. Vitamin A will strengthen your hair meaning it will break less and therefore grow faster. By taking vitamin A you will notice that your hair will become lighter and have more volume. The antioxidants in the vitamin moisturize and condition your scalp which helps promote healthy new hair.

Vitamin B Complex contains vitamin B6, B12 and biotin. When taking this vitamin you will notice that your hair will noticeably shine and delay the growth of grey hairs. The Vitamin B Complex also helps in the reduction of hair loss. Finally, this amazing vitamin will help with hair growth.

Vitamin E will help you fight the frizz by maintaining your hairs moisture and keeping your curls soft and nourished. Vitamin E also helps combat split ends which will keep your hair nice and healthy looking. You can source Vitamin E in nuts and some vegetables.

Folic Acid can also be found in Vitamin B but if you wanted to choose one over the other then here is why you may pick Folic Acid. Like Vitamin B it will help prevent your grey hairs from growing and it will also make your hair shine. What it also does is add moisture into your hair so that it will break less and you will notice your hair getting thicker. You can find folic acid in cereals and some granary bread.

So make your hair thinning worries something of the past and follow our three steps to help improve the health and appearance of your hair.