What Makes the Best Hair Fiber?

With hair loss affecting more than 35 million men and 21 million women in the U.S. alone, natural treatment alternatives have certainly become popular, especially since they offer a safe alternative to surgical hair removal procedures.

There are many different products on the market and they each have their own blend of ingredients that are formulated to combat hair loss or hair thinning. But which of these products should you use and what makes for the best hair fiber? In short – keratin. Keratin fibers are natural, safe and highly effective and they are seen in many high quality products like KeraFiber.

Using Keratin Hair Fibers


Keratin is a protein that is found in the fibers of your hair, skin and nails. These fibers are also commercially produced for millions of people around the world who suffer from hair loss or hair thinning. The structure of the protein is similar to that found in your hair, making it a very effective hair fiber product. Not only is it effective but since it’s a natural product it is not harmful to your hair and very easy to apply.

Keratin fibers have a strong natural static charge that works to create a magnetic effect and bind to your own hair, even if you have very fine hair. KeraFiber is the natural alternative to surgery.

Another benefit of keratin protein is that it can instantly give you more volume, offering you an immediate solution as these fibers stick to your own hair easily. This is why products like KeraFiber are so effective and easy to use – these fibers simply stick to your hair when applied. You can use these fibers on a daily basis on the areas where your hair is thinning to give it an instant fuller, volumizing look. 

Why is Keratin Superior?


Since keratin is the natural protein fiber found in your hair and nails, this is the natural option for hair loss products around the globe. It offers a perfectly safe alternative to surgical procedures that might be risky, making it a great product to use on people with any hair type. Another benefit of keratin is that no special precautions are needed when you apply the product, allowing consumers to buy and apply this treatment on their own. Surgical procedures are definitely more risky and expensive.

When looking for an alternative hair loss therapy, you want something that is safe, easy to use and effective. This is the reason why keratin fiber products are such a good option. After applying a treatment like KeraFiber, you will quickly be able to see the difference to your bald spots. Keratin is undoubtedly the best option in terms of natural hair fibers and it is an exceptional visual solution for anyone with hair loss problems.