What Are the Quickest Hair Loss Treatments?

Hair loss can strike without warning. One day you’re walking around with your luscious locks flowing freely in the wind, the next, there’s a handful of hair in the plug hole and your once resplendent mane is starting to look a bit worse for wear. Cue the stress and anxiety.

The problem is that stress and anxiety is precisely what you want to try and avoid, leaving you in a rather nasty little catch 22 scenario: you’re worried about your hair falling out, but worrying will only make the situation worse. What you need is a quick fix. Here are three of the fastest acting hair loss treatments you can turn to.

Hair Fibers

Quick and easy to apply, this treatment requires no more than a simple spray or shake onto dry hair in areas where the hair is starting to thin. The next step is to brush or comb the fibers and style as required, giving you the volume and thickness of a full head of hair. Within just a few minutes you are ready to start your day, with a spring in your step and some bounce in your hair.

The static charge within the keratin fibers creates a strong bond and plenty of hold which will last all day and throughout the night if necessary, helping to avoid any embarrassing slips. 


An interesting solution to the age old problem of hair loss is to tattoo directly onto the scalp. Sounds pretty drastic, doesn’t it?

While there are variations on the theme, the general process involves the insertion of ink marks just under the skin to replicate the appearance of very short hairs. Scalp tattooing is still in its formative stages, so we are yet to see how this process stands up against the test of time. However, in terms of the speed of the solution, it is certainly a no-nonsense approach. 

There are certain disadvantages to the scalp tattoo process, though, namely the price (reported to cost in the region of £2,000) and the considerable pain involved; however, perhaps more significant is the fact that the treatment leaves you with no choice other than to wear your hair short – shaved in fact.


Yes, the wig is a quick fix, that’s undeniable, but can a solution which is seemingly so unpractical ever compare to the more advanced hair loss treatments of today?

For women who are suffering from ill health or are losing their hair naturally, the wig can provide an invaluable lifeline which protects their femininity. But for men suffering from hair loss, what are the pros and cons of the wig?

One benefit of the hair piece is the immediacy with which a result can be achieved. Rather than applying treatment after treatment and waiting anxiously for the results, simply slip on your hair piece and your youthful hair will be restored. The price is another benefit. The one-off purchase of a wig pales in comparison to the cost of laser therapy or a transplant.

Despite the reduced costs, there is no permanence to this solution. Once the wig is removed, the wearer’s prognosis will be the same. The immediacy of the solution is also to the wigs detriment. Even if your friends and colleagues are yet to notice your hair loss, they’ll certainly notice that you’re wearing a wig.