Ways to Combat Thinning Hair for Men

If your hair is thinning due to a medical condition, genetics, or any number of other causes, there is no way to guarantee that hair loss will stop or slow down, but the following tips will help you ensure you do as much as possible to combat thinning hair.

1. Take good care of your hair

Take care of your hairJust like your skin, constant heating and drying can cause your hair to dry out. Heat weakens proteins and constant heating can cause your hair to become brittle and fragile.   If your hair is already thinning, increasing the chances of hair loss through using hair-dryers or straighteners too often is best avoided. This is especially true if these techniques burn or damage your scalp, which can permanently damage hair follicles.  It may be more time consuming, but allowing your hair to dry naturally is the best option.


2. Wash your hair

Wash your hair regularly

This tip might sound obvious, but using a gentle shampoo specially designed for combatting thinning hair can ensure your create an optimal environment for healthy hair growth. 

Try using a shampoo which is free of Silicone oil, Sulfates, Parabens, Mineral oil, Ethylene oxide, and Phosphate.  Some shampoos go further by actively delivering intact Keratin proteins to the cortex of the hair for maximum strength and fullness. 

Beyond this, clean hair not only prevents infections which could lead to hair loss but it also gives the impression of more volume, as compared to greasy hair which tends to lie much flatter.

3. Learn why hair loss happens

Why hairloss happens

If your hair is thinning then learning the exact condition you have can make managing your situation far easier.  

For example, some conditions are hereditary and cannot be prevented, but they can be managed with special medicines or treatments.  Other forms of hair loss (such as Toxic Alopecia, brought on by stress) can be combatted with a simple change of lifestyle.

Reading about the different types of alopecia (hair loss) and comparing their symptoms with those you are experiencing can help you identify your condition, which could lead to better management.

4. Eat well

Eat properly

As well as improving your overall health, ensuring you eat properly can also help to combat thinning hair.  It makes sense that an unhealthy body is more likely to suffer from thinning hair than a healthy one.  

Whether you improve your intake through eating healthily, or through the addition of supplements, ensure your body is being provided with enough of the following:

  • ·         Zinc
  • ·         Vitamin C
  • ·         Omega 3 / Fatty Acids
  • ·         Biotin
  • ·         Protein
  • ·         Iron

5. Avoid Harsh Diets

A regimented diet can work well as part of a controlled weight-loss or fitness regime, but certain eating habits can detrimentally impact hair growth and can actually cause hair loss, depending on the severity of the diet and your particular genetics. Try to avoid:

·    Raw egg-white – many men take raw egg-whites as part of a protein-rich diet when trying to bulk up during weight training programs. However, protein contains a substance called avidin which binds Biotin, preventing its absorption.  Maintaining a diet of two or more egg-whites daily for several months can actually lead to a Biotin deficiency.  As noted above, Biotin is required to ensure healthy hair growth.

·    Very low calorie liquid diets can deprive the body of essential nutrients. This can lead to varying side-effects such as fatigue, dizziness, hair loss, gallstones, cold intolerance, electrolyte imbalance, and heart damage.

6. Use Keratin Hair Fibers To Disguise Thinning Hair

Use KeraFIber, keratin hair thickening building fibers

The above techniques can often be used to combat thinning hair.  Hair thinning could either be slowed or stopped, but either way you may wish to improve the appearance of thin hair for your own self-esteem or self-image. 

KeraFiber hair building fibers instantly make thinning hair look thicker, transforming your appearance in a matter of seconds.   The product does not damage your hair in any way as it’s made from pure organic protein, the same protein that hair is made of.  Furthermore, they are completely undetectable and resistant to wind, rain and perspiration, yet they easily wash out with shampoo.