Thinning Hair: What Steps Should You Take?

It’s easy to blame thinning hair on the circumstances of some extraneous event. Perhaps you’ve started using a new shampoo? Or maybe you’ve been drinking a little more heavily recently? It’s easy to assume that it’s a simple one-off incident and that everything will soon thicken up again once everything gets back to normal.

In the early stages, it’s impossible to put the idea that you may be losing your hair to the back of your mind. It seems like the worst thing to happen to anyone, ever! The first stage of the process is denial. After denial comes anger. Why me? I’ve always taken good care of my hair! How has that guy still got such thick hair? Etc.

You’re not alone. It’s no consolation, but by the age of 35, two thirds of UK males & females have some degree of hair loss. So, you’ve noticed your thinning hair, now what should you do about it?

See the doctor

Call the doctor which especializes in hair thinning

Sudden thinning of the hair can be indicative of a more serious problem. You should book an appointment with your doctor as quickly as you can to eliminate the possibility of any underlying causes.

Check your diet

Watchout your diet

The primary reason for hair loss is in the genes (especially for men), and unfortunately there’s precious little you can do to treat it. However, in some cases, dietary deficiencies have been known to cause hair loss. The consumption of too few iron rich foods may cause thinning hair. And whilst a diet rich in vitamin B12 and omega-3 will do little to cure hair loss, it may help to preserve the strength and health of the hair you have. As always, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is a must, and if they’re organic, even better!  

KeraFiber Hair Nutrition + Restoration Supplement

KeraFIber, a hair thickening for thinning hair

Visit your stylist

Thinning hair isn’t the cataclysmic disaster it can seem at the time. For starters, a decent hair cut will help. You don’t have to go the crew cut route. Leaving the hair a little longer on the top can make the hair look thicker, whilst a good scalp massage will promote blood flow and help to stimulate those roots. Your stylist may also be able to recommend some thickening shampoos which will provide your hair with extra volume and bounce.

Look for solutions

There is no shortage of options. The hair loss market is full of products designed to either conceal or prevent further hair loss. These treatments work to varying degrees, so it is well worth conducting a little research of your own to find those with the best write-ups and reviews.

Keratin hair fibre is a low-cost option which is popular in the UK. Keratin is a protein which occurs in human hair, so this solution provides a natural boost to thinning hair. The fibers are statically charged to create a strong bond and a secure hold with existing hair so that it remains in place until you next hair wash.