Reduce Frizz While Styling Your Hair

Hair thickening products are usually the solution for frizzy hair. Frizzy hair is when your hair clumps into small, tight curls. A lot of people hate their frizzy hair and there are many ways to avoid getting it and ways to style it. Whenever you have heard people use the phrase ‘taming their hair’, this usually means trying to relax and calm their frizzy locks.

If you want to avoid that frizzy hair of yours then you need to know why you have it. This is a common problem and men do suffer from frizzy hair too. Frizzy hair can be brought on from humid weather, rain, products, and generally how you treat your hair. So if your hair is frizzy then what can you do to reduce the frizz?

Styling and Hair Thickening Building Fibers Products

Use hairstyling and hair thickening building fibers products

There are many ways to tackle, or tame your frizzy hair. Try styling products and test out which ones are more effective – there are so many out there and not all of them will work for you. So make sure you try several before giving up. We suggest you talk to your hair stylist about what products they would recommend and how you would like your hair styled. You may need to discuss options that would suit the haircut you already have, or you may need a haircut to get that look that you want. Whatever you decide upon, make sure you choose a style that is manageable as you’ll have to style it daily.

Shampoos and Conditioners

Use shampoo and conditioner to your hair

Did you know that you may be getting frizz from the shampoo you buy? A lot of people are buying shampoos that are drying their hair and causing it to frizz. We recommend you don’t budget too much when buying shampoo and conditioner as it tends to be the cheaper brands causing the frizz.

Bad Styling Technique

Bad hairstyling

You should always look at the instructions on your styling products as it may be the case that you have been applying them incorrectly. We recommend that you make sure you know how to use your styling product because if you are not following the instructions stating how best to use it then this may explain why you are suffering from frizzy hair.

If you are still concerned then enquire the next time you go to the hair salon. Your stylist can advise you on how to style your hair right from the start to the finish. If you explain exactly, step by step what you have been doing they may be able to tell you where you have been going wrong and then show you the right way to treat your hair.

Use More Product (like hairspray)

Use hair spray on your frizzy hair

Those that have very thick and long hair may find that although they are using the styling products correctly, they are still not getting the results they want. This may simply be a case of not using enough product. If you have thicker and longer hair the chances are you’ll need a lot more product every time than someone who has thinner hair.

Bed Sheets

Bed and frizzy hair

Did you know that you can take care of your frizzy head even when you are asleep? According to hair professionals you should be looking after your hair throughout the night.

Hair care professionals’ advise you to sleep in silk or satin sheets. Cotton and other materials will dry out your hair which is exactly why you may be getting frizz as soon as you wake up in the morning. Silk and satin sheets, on the other hand, will help retain the moisture in your hair, so when you wake up your hair will look just like it did the evening before.

Braid and Tie

Braid and Tie

If you aren’t keen to change your bedding sheets from cotton to silk you can always try tying your hair up before you hit the pillow. Try tying it in a bun or in a braid but make sure you choose an up do that is comfortable to sleep in. We wouldn’t recommend you sleep with a hair clip or anything hard that could potentially break and cause discomfort. This method is very popular as it will help to control your hair while you are sleeping.

Leave-in Conditioner

Use leave on conditioner

There is also one more thing that you can try while you are sleeping to help maintain your frizzy hair. We suggest that you try applying leave-in conditioner to your hair before you go to sleep. This isn’t a product that works overnight though. You will have to use leave-in conditioner every night consistently if you are to see a change.