Need Thicker Hair for a Date? Use Tested Products!

It's date night. The pressure is on to impress. Your shoes have been shined (unless you're going for the casual look, of course), your goatee has been expertly trimmed, you're wearing that shirt which brings out the blue in your eyes...but what about your hair?

Thinning hair is a big problem for many men. While male baldness is a widely accepted look, it is normal for men to feel self-conscious about their thinning hair, particularly when it comes to how attractive they feel to women. Many single men who suffer from hair loss report feeling less attractive to the opposite sex, a fact which can have a serious impact on how confident they feel. Unfortunately, this can kick off a really negative downward spiral...

If you're worrying about your thinning hair, you will not come across as confident. This lack of confidence can trigger stuttering, sweating, pauses and becoming flustered. All of these actions will make you feel even more self-conscious. And so on.

It all comes down to great body image and projecting confidence in yourself. So, if your thinning hair is impacting your confidence, it's time to get it sorted. In this post we'll be giving you a run down of some of the best and worst hair products you can use to give yourself thicker, sexier hair for your big date.



A few of the best...

When it comes to thicker hair, you need to turn to the specialists. We genuinely believe that we at KeraFiber have created awesome products. The range provides customers with a comprehensive line of thickening hair products which offer impressive results. Simple to use and within budget, the range offers an end-to-end solution which really takes care of the matter.


KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers



The ultimate Keratin based hair thickener. These simple, spray-in hair fibers use a static charge to bind tightly to existing hair follicles, creating a powerful bond which lasts in the face of wind, rain, sweat and even a slight ruffling if your date goes incredibly well…

KeraFiber Hair Spray
Perfect for gentlemen looking for even greater protection and confidence from their hair thickening products. This
hair spray works in tandem with the company's well-respected hair building fibers, anchoring them even more firmly for optimum results.

KeraFiber Hair Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner
For a complete hair thickening experience, start your date preparations by washing your hair with these specially developed
shampoo and conditioners. The shampoo formula has been designed to gently cleanse your scalp and create a healthy environment for optimal hair growth. Meanwhile, the keratin based conditioner actively thickens thin hair, boosting natural shine and volume.

Some of the worst...

There's a good reason why you should only trust well-respected brands with your coiffure on date night. There are some absolutely shocking, knock-off thickening hair products out there which will leave your barnet worse than when you started. While we can’t mention names for obvious reasons, here’s a (paraphrased) summary of what people have to say about some of the worst products out there...

#1 Poor Hair Thickening Spray

According to disgruntled reviewers bad quality products of this type are messy and sticky. One ripped off user claimed the manufacturer’s product represented dust.

#2 Poor Anti-Thinning Formulas



Take a close look at the ingredients in any product you use on your hair and scalp. Many hair products include substances which are actively harmful to the health of your scalp and hair. Some products have been known to include petroleum. Reviewers claim these make the hair greasy. Petroleum can also block skin pores, supposedly inhibiting hair growth.

#3 Poor Hair Thickening Spray

Stickiness is a big problem here. Some of the products just don’t do what they say on the tin.  It has been commented on the internet that bad quality products leave hair stiff and sticky, leaving customers understandably angry. You want a nice, sleek and natural looking finished effect, not a sticky looking, thinning haystack. Choose reputable products and don't put your trust for your all-important date night hair in the hands of charlatans!