Benefits of Head Massage for Hair

If you’ve never had a head massage, now’s the time to start. One of the primary perks of having a significant other in your life is undoubtedly the head massages.
Etiquette should prevail of course: he who receives a head massage must repay the favour in kind, whether that’s cooking dinner or allowing the other half to dominate the TV remote for the evening. It’s certainly worth it though, even if you end up in front of a Holby City double bill.

The benefits of a head massage

Benefits of massage

The potential benefits of a head massage are plentiful. Firstly, it feels great. I know that’s not particularly scientific, or scientific at all in fact, but if you ever want to see a grown man melt with pleasure, the head massage will do it every time.

Besides from bartering and a tool for control, a head massage is great for a number of reasons. Perhaps most importantly, kneading, rubbing and applying gentle pressure to the scalp helps to increase blood flow to the hair follicles, which can actually act to combat hair loss.

If you’re losing your hair, a hair building fibre such as KeraFiber can conceal thinning hair during the day, followed by a head massage in the evening to nourish those follicles. Then, simply reapply the hair building fibre the next day and you’re ready to face the world.      

As well as increasing blood flow to hair follicles, a head massage also helps to condition the scalp and increase the strength of the roots, reducing breakages and enhancing the overall health of your hair.

Hair follicles, like any other cell, require nutrients to grow. By kneading the scalp, the skin itself warms and the blood vessels which feed the follicles open up, allowing more nutrients to flow through.

The use of nourishing oils such as cedarwood, lavender, thyme and rosemary in a blend of carrier oils such as jojoba and grapeseed, further enhance the results of a head massage by improving the condition of the hair root and shaft.

The use of gentle oils reduces skin conditions like dandruff and dry skin which might otherwise interrupt hair growth, and prevents individual hair strands becoming brittle, split or broken. This further reduces the need for hair building fibre or other treatments to thicken the appearance of your hair.

Can a head massage reduce stress?

Head massage relieves stress

Stress affects our lives in a range of destructive ways. Stress manifests mentally as anxiety, depression, irritability and fatigue. Physically, stress takes the form of headaches, stomach problems, muscle tension and heart palpitations. One of the lesser known physical manifestations of stress is hair loss, which is one symptom a head massage can help to remedy.

A head massage can alleviate stress levels by:

  • Relieving tension in the body
The neck, head and shoulders are areas where stress is often felt the most, causing muscles to become tense and hard. This tension can be released by manipulating certain pressure points, helping to reduce soreness, headaches and other forms of pain.
  • Reducing blood pressure and heart rate
Massage lowers blood pressure

Surging blood pressure and rapid heartbeat is another symptom of stress. Thankfully, an experienced masseuse, or your other half, can administer a head massage which will reduce your heart rate, lower blood pressure and diminish palpitations.

  • Reducing pain – Pain in the body can become emotional stress, and emotional stress can become physical pain - it’s catch 22. A head massage can soothe the emotional stress before it manifests as a physical ailment, helping to keep you active, pain free and most of all – happy!