Losing Hair? Here's What You Can Do

"Are you losing your hair?" Every time you look into your mirror do you see less and less hair on your head?  Are you spending more time stressing and thinking about whether you are watching yourself enter the early stages of hair loss?  If so, you are not alone. 

Millions of Americans - both men and women - suffer from various types of it; anything from alopecia areata, effluviums, congenital hypotrichosis, hair shaft defects and hereditary hair loss. There are many, many types of hair loss and many causes responsible for each.

In the short term people just want to conceal their bald spots. KeraFiber was created as a quick and effective way to do just this and provide the appearance of a full head of hair in the space of seconds. 

Hair thickening fiber

The hair fibres are made of natural and organic keratin protein. They are charged with static electricity so they intertwine with your own hair and become indistinguishable from it. Just shake on the fibers and they stay in place all day without fuss.

We’re really open about what KeraFiber does and does not do. For example, we do not claim it will magically grow your hair back and nor do we claim that it’s the solution for every type of hair loss (you must have some hair present to be able to use it, for instance). Instead, it simply covers up your thin hair in a way that makes it look, as a whole, much thicker. We are extremely proud that this has helped thousands of people regain their everyday confidence back. 

If you are losing hair, there are many options available to you. Before you start looking into costly, time consuming and potentially dangerous was to remedy your problem, it’s good if you start off just focusing on easy solutions in the short term. Easy solutions like KeraFiber!

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