KeraFiber to Be Sold at Colorado’s Top Salon Shear Productions

KeraFiber, a hair thickening fiber
KeraFiber is to be sold at Colorado’s top salon, Shear Productions. KeraFiber selected Denver’s top salon for their Midwest launch.
Over the course of 35 years, owner Janet Lombardi has become one of the area’s top salon owners and stylists. Many local Denver celebrities come to Janet for their styling and haircut needs.
KeraFiber hair building fibers, which are made up of totally natural and organic Keratin protein, instantly build up the volume of hair. Used correctly, the product adds thickness and fullness to you hair in seconds. Janet said, "KeraFiber is the perfect solution for my clients who have thin hair but who want the appearance of a fuller head of hair. I recommend KeraFiber for both men and women. Using this product along with a great style is a perfect match.”
“We are so sure you will see a huge difference in your appearance, we are offering a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee and free shipping," said Jon Davidman, President of

How does KeraFiber work?

The hair fibers are made of natural keratin protein, the same protein that hair is made of. They are charged with static electricity so they intertwine with your own hair and bond securely to it. Just shake on the fibers and they stay in place all day, all night.


Completely Undetectable

KeraFiber is undertechtable air thickening fibers

KeraFiber is virtually undetectable even when viewed from just a few inches away once it’s on someone’s head. It really does look exactly like your natural hair. You will not have any embarrassing moments either. Once the fibers are set in place they will not come off with perspiration, wind or a gentle pat to the head. Utilizing the KeraFiber fiber hold spray will increase the bond between the hair building fibers and your natural hair for even greater levels of strength.



KNow what direction would be next

Step1: Wash and dry hair. Shake liberally over thinning areas. Gently tap, shake, or sprinkle the bottle of fibers at about 45 degrees, and hold it 3 inches above your thin areas to dispense fibers.

Step 2: Once KeraFiber is applied, gently pat hair if necessary to disperse the hair fibers evenly within your hair.

Step 3: Apply KeraFiber fiber hold Spray to secure the fibers.


A Safe, Effective Option

A safe, and effective option.

KeraFiber is completely safe for both men and women to use. Many doctors recommend products like this to help people with their confidence. It’s the natural and effective way to change the way you feel about yourself and your hair loss.

To order KeraFiber or see our complete line of hair care products for men and women with thinning hair visit our online store.

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