KeraFiber Hollywood's Hidden Secret Revealed

It pays to look good for the camera. And if you are an actor or actress, looking good on camera is important. People spend huge amounts of money on makeup so they will look natural in photos and film. Makeup artists that specialize in hair know that a perfect head of hair is just as critical to the look of a person as the right facial makeup.


For most people, how their hair appears affects their mood and attitude. Performers are no different. Celebrities such as Judd Law, Brendan Fraser and Woody Harelson want to look and feel their best in front of the camera or on stage. Touching up areas of thinning hair is a skill that makeup artists have to master early in their career so that they are able to help them do this. Having the right hairdo is a vitally important trait of any actor and actress, as well as anyone else that appreciates their appearance!

A product that most stylist and celebrities use that improves the appearance of hair is KeraFiber. Keratin, which is the main ingredient in KeraFiber, is actually the substance that your body uses to make hair, skin and nails. It is a protein and its rugged nature makes it the perfect substance for those parts of us that get the most wear and tear.

Keratin KeraFiber Hair Building

Keratin hair building fibers contain a slight static charge so when they are applied to the scalp by spraying or shaking, they actually stick to the existing hair. The fibers stay in the hair in spite of wind, rain or perspiration. This makes them practical to use in the real world. There is no smearing, running or dripping. This means that your hair will look full and natural until the next shampoo, which causes the fibers to lose their charge and their "stickiness".

KeraFiber Hair Products contain these natural fibers and they are used by both male and female celebrities. Makeup artists have been using these products, to cover up bald spots and enhance the appearance of hair by making thin hair look thicker, for years. Because the keratin fibers look like your hair, even from very close up, the fact that you are using a temporary hair replacement is undetectable. Products like these also come in numerous different colours so you should be able to easily find one that suits you.

The keratin fibers work best on dry hair when the static charge is at its absolute strongest. The fibers can be put on as heavily as desired for the look that you want. This is a natural way to cover up hair loss. Keratin fibers are a good option for someone with a little hair loss or thinning who wants a touch up before appearing in front of people or photos. If there has only been a little amount of hair loss, then the cost and risk factors of a hair transplant just won’t be worth taking. When you just want a quick and very effective visual fix, then KeraFiber products are a great choice.

Even those who have had transplants often continue to use hair fibers just to give their new hair a fuller look. Because they are a natural protein, there is little chance of a skin reaction, something that can happen with other artificial substances.

Just remember, if it’s good enough for Hollywood, it’s good enough for you!