How to Choose the Best Dry Shampoo

If your hair is colored or dry, it would be essential that you reduce the frequency of hair-washing, to twice or three times a week. In order to accomplish this, you would definitely need the help of a Dry Shampoo. As we previously mentioned in the Tips section, there are a whole range of different dry shampoos in the market, and now we will tell you how to choose the most suitable dry shampoo for yourself.

How to choose dry shampoo

Know your hair type

  • Dark hair: An average dry shampoo may make your precious hair look dull, or in the worst scenario, make it look grey. In this case, it is recommended to use a starch-based cleaning spray.
  • Fine hair: You would definitely want to give more texture and volume to your hair, which would make you appear to be more energizing. Don't hesitate and try to use a lightweight powder, as it gives hair instant lift. You would like to ensure that dry shampoo is  super light and won’t build up or clump.
  • Curly hair: Spray and powder may not suit you at all, since it will be tough to brush them through your strands, so try a cleansing mousse instead to reshape curls and freshen your hair roots.
  • Sensitive scalp: To prevent getting itchy, try a dry shampoo free of parabens and contains ingredients gentle enough to your skin. Oat extract is an excellent example calm irritation, and you can find it in many dry shampoo specialized for someone like you. 

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