How to Apply Hair Fiber Spray

If you suffer from hair loss you have probably explored different options, including surgical procedures. Although surgeries might be effective, they can also be risky, which is why alternative options are often recommended. These alternatives are great for people who do not get involved with surgery; using a natural hair fiber product is a safe and effective treatment for hair loss and hair thinning.

Applying Hair Fibers

Keratin Hailr thickening building fibers

Applying hair thickening building fiber treatment to your hair is easy. Start by washing and drying your hair as normal and gently tap or shake the bottle of natural hair fibers so that you dispense them on to the thin areas of your hair. Since this is a natural product, there is no risk involved and no special precautions are necessary. 

Once you’ve applied the fibers, gently part your hair to make sure that they are evenly distributed throughout your hair. If you prefer you can also apply an additional hold spray to secure these fibers for longer. The spray is very effective and safe to use as it is also a natural product. This spray is optional but highly recommended since it is so effective, natural and easy to apply.

Keratin is a natural protein found in hair, nails and skin. Keratin fibers are natural and very flexible to use on any type of hair and they will give you a welcomed “boost” in terms of volume and thickness – this is ideal for people struggling with hair loss.

KeraFiber Fiber Hold Spray 

KeraFiber spray

KeraFiber is made from organic keratin protein, so in other words it’s just like hair. These fibers intertwine with your own hair, allowing them to securely bond to the hair and give you a natural, full-bodied look. These fibers can be applied easily and they will stay securely on your hair all day and night, giving you volume and fullness.

The KeraFiber Fiber Hold Spray works with these fibers to strengthen the bond between these fibers and your hair, intensifying its effectiveness and ensuring that the fibers will stay in place for longer. You can apply this optional spray if you want to achieve optimal results.

Tips for Applying KeraFiber

Tips on how to apply KeraFiber

When you apply KeraFiber you will still be able to style your hair as normal. In fact, a little hair spray might can actually help to keep everything in its place. Since this product uses static charges to bond to your hair, you will have a strong hold that will last throughout the day.

Once the fibers have set in, you can comb your hair as normal; if you use wet look products make sure that you apply the fibers afterwards.