How Effective is Hair Loss Concealer?

It is estimated that around 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss problems in the U.S. alone, proving just how valuable and beneficial an effective treatment can be.


When it comes to hair loss, this condition is not only reserved to men; according to the American Hair Loss Association, it’s estimated that around 40% of American sufferers are women. Although this is a natural occurrence for the majority of patients, there are certain medical conditions that can also contribute to this condition. With so many different causes behind this, it is important to understand where your specific condition comes from and how to choose the best treatment for your specific requirements.   

There are many different causes of hair loss in men but the most common cause is due to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This derivative of the male hormone testosterone is one of the leading causes in men and it literally kills healthy hair follicles. Male pattern baldness is caused by the hair follicle’s sensitivity to DHT, making them shrink and reducing the normal production process of hair.

Hairloss Concealers

Hair concealer

Hairloss Concealers like KeraFiber are very effective since they are made from natural proteins and have the ability to instantly thicken your hair. These concealers work by utilizing natural organic keratin protein, similar to what hair is made of. These fibres are charged with static electricity and bond securely with your hair. A great benefit of these concealers is that they are completely undetectable; they look exactly like your own hair and they will not come off when patting your hair or even due to perspiration or wind. This means that you will have the confidence to walk around with a full set of hair that looks all-natural and healthy.

Applying a natural concealer is easy; simply wash and dry your hair, apply generously to thinning areas and gently pat your hair to make sure that the fibers are properly dispersed. If you use KeraFiber you can also choose to apply KeraFiber Hold Spray to secure these fibers to your hair. This is a natural product that can be used even on patients that had hair transplants before. 

Unlike traditional and often very expensive hair loss treatments, concealer products like KeraFiber are a proven method that works to restore the appearance of a full head of hair - all through a simple application process. Added to that, hair loss concealers are safe and effective to use, which is why they are recommended by doctors and other specialists. These concealers are very easy to apply and give natural volume to your thinning hair.

Losing hair can be and embarrassing condition for some, which is why a natural concealer like KeraFiber is so effective and popular. It allows you to change the way you feel about yourself in a natural way, helping you to regain the confidence that you once had before your hair loss was an issue.