Hair Thickening Fiber: How Many People Could it Help?

Hair thickening fiber is definitely a welcomed solution to many. We know this much from the positive feedback we consistently receive from our happy customers across the world. They tell us that they like the fact that it is natural, speedy and pretty inexpensive.  Our simple but effective treatment has helped thousands combat the effects of hair loss and we only expect this number to increase over the forthcoming years.

With more than 55 million people suffering from noticeable hair loss in the United States alone, hair thickening fiber has the potential to help millions of people to reduce the effects of hair loss. Since one in seven men suffer from a genetic variant that increases their risk of balding, treatments can help to reduce its effects and can potentially help millions beat the signs of balding without having to resort to extreme measures.

There are many different causes of hair loss, including natural hair thinning with age, as well as hair loss due to specific medical conditions. Regardless of your specific situation, natural hair thickening fibers can provide you with many benefits. They can be applied easily, offering you an instant solution to thinning hair.

Providing an Affordable Alternative

Hair thickening alernative

Another benefit of natural hair thickening fibers is the fact that they offer an affordable alternative to expensive surgical procedures. It is estimated that surgical hair restoration is a $1.2 billion business, making natural hair thickening fibers an extremely attractive alternative. Another benefit is that surgical procedures might not be covered on your health insurance plan, since they might be seen as purely cosmetic. On the other hand, natural hair treatments can be managed on your own, making them convenient without the need for any health insurance assistance.

Health Insurance Coverage

With around 18% of people under the age of 65 in the US living without health insurance, alternative treatments are always welcomed, especially when it comes to surgical hair procedures. These procedures can often be expensive, making them inaccessible to uninsured individuals. Surgical procedures can also be classified as optional cosmetic procedures, which is why there might be a good chance that these procedures won't be covered by health insurance providers.

In short, things like KeraFiber have the potential to help millions of people around the world. It is a safe product, more affordable than surgical procedures and also very easy to apply. It is perfect for anyone, whether they have health insurance or not. Since surgical procedures can often be risky, many people will rather avoid the issue and thereby be forced to live with thinning hair or natural balding. However, with natural hair fibers in existence they needn’t do this as you can instantly remove the signs of thinning hair.