Hair Fiber Can Rid You of Those First Date Nerves

Gentlemen, do you suffer from self consciousness on first dates? The first date can be a nerve-wracking experience, just when you need to be at your coolest. All that pressure is enough to turn any man into a sweaty-palmed, stuttering mess. Yet for those of us who suffer from thinning hair, first date self consciousness can feel even worse.

In the age of online dating, it's all-too-easy to disguise a receding hair line or a thinning area of hair behind a cleverly angled profile picture. However, come date time, there's nowhere to hide. Your first date is going to be an up-close-and-personal, warts-and-all experience and there's simply no escaping it.

Men's first date fears

Rejection, no conversation, looking rubbish, looking too smart, playing it too casual, saying something stupid, not being what your date is expecting, being too short, getting food down your front...the list of fears that men experience on first dates is endless. If you are suffering from hair loss, however, your thinning hair is probably one of your biggest insecurities - and one of your biggest worries on your date. In fact, according to multinational research:

  • 70% of men believe their hair is a crucial aspect of their image
  • 62% of men feel that hair loss  hair loss can affect self-esteem
  • 38% of single men feel hair loss impacts negatively on their confidence in their physical appearance

A downward spiral


The problem is, the more self conscious you become, the more your nervousness shows. This can manifest in all sorts of ways. From fidgeting and communicating discomfort with jittery body language, to stuttering, stammering, talking too loudly, talking too quietly and – worst of all – not talking at all. None of these first date faux pas are going to make you convey cool confidence or charm.

In fact, the whole problem is a vicious cycle. Self-consciousness breeds nervous behaviour and, in turn, this nervous behaviour makes men feel more self-conscious. So how can you keep that self-consciousness under control and present a cooler, more confident you?

Tackle the underlying problem


It's time to tackle the core issues 'head' on. If you're worried about your weight, invest in yourself and put in some effort to slim down. If you hate your old fashioned glasses, invest in a modern pair which will help you to feel confident.

By building up self-confidence through positive changes, you can approach first dates with nothing but self-assurance and suavity.

Hair loss and dating

Positive change isn't so easy if you suffer from thinning hair. Losing a few pounds or buying a new suit is simple enough, but for the follicularly challenged among us, there are fewer solutions available...


You could be considering going for a shaved look but, if you feel more confident with a full head of hair, there are other options you could consider. Using hair fiber, for instance, is one new solution which could give you the boost you need to feel comfortable and confident.

The best hair fiber products out there now look absolutely realistic and bind powerfully to your existing hair follicles to create a long-lasting, virtually undetectable effect.

The hair fibers now available from specialists like KeraFiber are statically charged. This ensures powerful binding, and the ultimate performance against wind, rain, perspiration and even a naughty tousling if your date goes particularly well...


Confidence counts

Approaching a first date with confidence is crucial if you want to make a great first impression on someone special. You may be surprised by how little importance your date places on your appearance (chances are they're worrying more about how they look to you) yet, feeling under-confident in yourself is a big problem which can put the hampers on confidence, conversation, charm and your unique brand of cool.


Any positive change which enhances you confidence in the dating world should be embraced. The more positive your mental attitude, the more positive the responses you'll receive from your dates.

From hair fiber and mantras to muscle-building, whatever helps you to feel great, grab it with both hands. You're great! And the more you believe it, the more your date will too. Forget first date nerves and start feeling good!