Celebrity Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists Endorse KeraFiber.com

New York's top makeup artists and celebrity hair stylists are recommending KeraFiber hair building fibers to their A-list clients.  Among the top stylists are TJ Romeland and celebrity hair stylist, Leslie Correa. Makeup artist to the stars, TJ Romeland, said that "I highly recommend Kerafiber and will be using it on my clients that desire fuller hair without the fuss."
KeraFiber, Celebrity Hair Stylists choice.

KeraFiber hair building fibers, which are made out of entirely natural keratin protein, instantly build up the volume of your hair. It adds thickness and fullness to hair in a matter of seconds. "It’s awesome for both men & women, undetectable, resistant to wind rain or perspiration, yet it easily washes out with shampoo", said TJ Romeland.

Famed 5th Avenue salon, Capelli D'Oro, is owned by top stylist Leslie Correa, who has said that "KeraFiber is the perfect solution for my clients who have thinning hair and want to conceal their thin spots. I recommend it to all my top clients. KeraFiber easily blends with all types of hair colors and is undetectable while giving volume to my clients hair."

"We are so sure you will see a huge difference in your appearance, we are offering a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee and free shipping", said Jon Davidman, President of KeraFiber.com

But how, you may ask, does this all actually work?

KeraFiber hair fibers are made of completely natural organic keratin protein, which is the same protein that hair is made of. They are charged with static electricity so they intertwine with your own hair and bond really securely to it. Once the fibers have been shaken onto the desired spot then they will stay in place all day, all night.

Completely Undetectable

The chances are that you have already met someone who has a product like KeraFiber on them, it’s just that you will not have been able to see them. You see, the fibers used are pretty much entirely undetectable to the naked eye, even when viewed from a couple of inches away. The hair fibers look exactly like natural hair and they bond with your existing barnet effortlessly so there really shouldn’t be any embarrassing moments.


Step1: You first need to wash and dry your hair before you shake the product liberally over all of your thinning areas. In our experience, it’s best if you hold the bottle at 45 degrees and about 3 inches above your thin spots before proceeding shake it to dispense all of the fibers.

Step 2: Once it has been applied, you should gently pat your hair if you feel that it is necessary to further disperse the hair fibers evenly throughout your hair. This should make everything look really natural as opposed to being contrived.  

Step 3: For best results it is worth at least trying hair fiber hold spray to really, really secure the fibers in the most secure way.

A Safe, Easy and Cheap Option

As KeraFiber is not artificial, it is utterly safe to use. Given that it’s also extremely cheap, it provides people with a solution to an embarrassing problem that really doesn’t have any real downsides.

To order KeraFiber or see our complete line of hair care products for men and women with thinning hair then please do visit: http://www.kerafiber.com/en-gb/default.aspx