Celebrities Who Probably Use Hair Concealers

KeraFiber knows that celebrities are notoriously cautious when discussing their hair treatments. Unlike Jason Alexander, who has been going bald on TV over the span of a decade, the majority of movie stars do not like to discuss what type of treatments they rely on for thinning hair. While Alexander decided to go with a semi-permanent hairpiece, movie stars who still have some of their own hair frequently opt for hair concealers instead.

Case in point might just be Jon Cryer. After becoming a household name for his role on Two and a Half Men, audiences could not help but note the dramatic changes happening on top of his head.


While out and about, he was photographed with thinning hair. Yet when it was time for acting in front of the camera or waving to fans from the red carpet, Cryer's hair was full. Scuttlebutt suggested at the time that Cryer has been using a weave, but KeraFiber knows that his hair is perfect for the use of hair loss concealers.

There is so much hair left on his head that the natural keratin protein contained in the hair concealers has plenty to adhere to. Static electricity keeps the fibers in place. Since these fibers cling to the hair that is present, there are no embarrassing moments usually associated with moving weaves and shifting toupees.

Jeremy Piven from Entourage is another good candidate for hair concealers. In fact, it is difficult to tell if he is not already a KeraFiber customer. The number of his changing hairlines is famous, as are the various hairstyles he has modelled over the years.

Of course, hair concealers are not just for male celebrities. Plenty of female stars have added the statically charged protein fibers to their hair treatments.

For years, actresses have relied on hair extensions for thicker, longer tresses. Those whose hair treatments have taken their toll on their natural hairline now include keratin protein fibers to hide some of the bald spots. Using this is really quick and simple. Style the hair as usual, shake out some fibers from the container, pat them into place and fix them with hairspray if you think this is needed. Within seconds, a bald spot or receding hairline is hidden and the actress has thicker and more lustrous hair.

KeraFiber a hair thickening fiber helps improve balding hair

KeraFiber is so effective that even high definition cameras will not be able to pick up the fibers, which in the age of HD TV is very lucky. Models, too, look to these fibers for help. Modeling is a demanding occupation that has the potential to damage natural hair with the number of wigs, tight hairstyles and extensions the gorgeous runway models must wear.

Naomi Campbell is rumored to suffer from traction alopecia, which could have been caused by just these types of treatment. She still has a gorgeous head of hair even as her hairline is receding. Black Eyed Peas singer Stacy Ferguson has a different problem. The middle parting of her hair shows a larger amount of scalp than is normal. Keratin fibers can make this look go away within a matter of minutes.

It is clear that the ease and effectiveness of KeraFiber and other similar products means that it is a favoured celebrity treatment.