Can You Use Keratin Hair Fiber with Hair Styling Products?

The realisation that you are losing your hair is a moment of true anxiety. The feeling of powerlessness can cause great distress and damage the confidence of previously the most self-assured individual.

In the early stages of hair loss it’s all too easy to clutch at straws. Maybe if I changed my diet? Perhaps if I exercised a bit more? What if I avoid any undue stress? However, you soon realise the futility of these plans and begin to settle on a more pragmatic approach.

It’s time to fight back!

Fight hair loss

Thankfully you live in an age when solutions do exist, with plenty of options designed specifically to put a little spring back in your step.

Keratin hair fiber is the same naturally occurring protein which is found in real hair, making it an excellent method of concealing hair loss by simply spraying or shaking the product onto the areas of thinning hair.

What type of hair is it suitable for?

Keratin fiber is a flexible solution which can be used on any type of hair. Whether your hair is long or short, straight or wavy, frizzy or curly, you will receive an attractive boost to the thickness and volume of your hair.

Can you still style your hair?

Thankfully, yes! In fact, a little hairspray is even advisable to help secure the hold of the hair. You might assume that styling your hair when using this type of product would require plenty of care.

However, due to the static charges which bond the fibers so firmly together, your hair style will have a strong hold, making it more than capable of lasting the day and withstanding almost anything the British climate can throw at it.    

Dry styling

Dry hairstyling
Once the protein has been applied you are free to brush or comb your hair as normal. You should then use a small amount of hair spray to secure the keratin hair fibers firmly.
At this stage, you can style the hair to create a look which should be secured by the hairspray. You can then touch up your look throughout the day using a brush or comb, applying more hairspray if required.

Wet look products

Wet look products
Wet look styling products such as gels, pastes and mousses should be applied to the hair before the keratin hair fibers are added. Once you have styled your hair, you should allow the hair product to dry before the hair loss treatment is added.
If you do use styling products in your hair (apart from hairspray) after application, you may find the fibers shift to expose areas you would prefer to be covered.

At the start of the day, simply wash your hair using a normal shampoo and reapply the treatment as and when required. And there you have it, beautifully styled, healthy looking hair!