Can Celebrities Tackle Industry Age Discrimination?

It's not easy being over the hill in Hollywood. In an industry that puts youth and beauty on a pedestal, those tell-tale signs of ageing can be a big problem for big stars. Forget playing the romantic lead, forget about attractive beach shoots, once mother nature starts to take her toll on the appearance of celebrities, doors start to close and the ever-present risk of winding up “washed up” looms ever closer. 

Hollywood and celebrity culture is ageist. That's a fact. Although some older male stars like George Clooney still find themselves in great demand and even continue to gain female admirers in later life, this is generally the exception which proves the rule. And perhaps it's no coincidence that Mr Clooney still has a full head of silver fox hair... So how do stars fight against their age-sensitive industry and keep themselves looking as young and as fresh for as long as possible?


The ultimate wrinkle banisher. Botox treatments have come on in leaps and bounds since the days of the paralysed forehead and the transfixed half smile. Now the effects can be very subtle and keep wrinkles ironed out for months without affecting other areas of the face.


Losing lipids from the face is a natural part of ageing which can take celebs from pretty to past it in next to no time. Dermal fillers are used to replace the fats lost from the face, helping to plump out any droopy bits and restore a youthful, plumped up appearance.

Chemical Peels

A rosy, healthy glow is a key youthful trait. Many older celebrities work hard to keep their complexion as fresh as a daisy, but this isn't always straightforward. Lots of stars now undergo chemical skin peel treatments which burn the upper layers of facial skin, triggering the regrowth of fresher, younger skin beneath. Ouch.

Hair Building Fibers

Hair loss is a huge deal for male celebrities. Nothing tells fans (or those opposite you on the casting couch) that you're getting to be a little passé quite like thinning hair or a receding hairline.

Hair building fibers are now the weapon of choice for many male stars who want to create the appearance of thicker, healthier hair. These hair building fibers are made from Keratin and are boosted with a static charge which binds them tightly to existing hair follicles producing a natural, long-lasting result. Essentially, male celebrities can get a full head of hair and cover up their receding hairline almost instantly with these hair fibers. 

Diet & Fitness

There's no over-estimating the benefits of a healthy diet and a great fitness regime. Most image-conscious celebrities will have teams of dieticians and trainers to help them stay trim and youthful but, for everyday Joe's, working out 4-5 times a week and eating a good, balanced diet should do the trick.

Avoiding the Sun

Here's a nice easy one us mere mortals can identify with. Many celebrities are reputedly terrified of catching too much UV. As their faces get filmed in HD more often, they have become very aware that sun exposure is one of the biggest wrinkle creators out there. So slather up in sun cream, pop on your celebrity shades and wear a hat!