Bradley Cooper & Non-Surgical Approaches to Hair Loss

Bradley Cooper’s star has shined incandescently since his Hollywood breakthrough in the 2009 explosive comedy "The Hangover." Since then, Cooper has scooped leading roles in "American Hustle," "Silver Linings Playbook," and "The Place Beyond The Pines." So there’s certainly no doubting Cooper’s credentials in front of the camera; but is there any reason to doubt the surety of his follicles?

Well, the Hollywood rumour mill has been churning, and despite those beautifully tight curls in American Hustle, rumour has it that Cooper’s follicles’ days are numbered.

Of course not all rumours can be believed, and certainly not those emanating from Hollywood, but if the veracity of the reports are proved, this will surely bring a little solace to all those men who are suffering the same scourge. Bradley Cooper picked up the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ title in 2011, and hey, if the sexiest man alive is experiencing problems with hair loss, there’s plenty of hope for us mere mortals too!

Cooper’s Remedy

While some celebrities chase back time with pricey hair transplants, Bradley Cooper reportedly embraced a more accessible and budget-friendly option for addressing hair loss. This approach offers a refreshing perspective on how to manage this common concern.

Hair thickening drug


Reports suggest Cooper utilized a medication available by prescription to address hair thinning. This particular solution is widely available and relatively affordable, costing about $15 per week. This treatment primarily helps prevent further hair loss, while in some cases it can even encourage new growth. It's typically recommended for men experiencing mild to moderate hair loss at the crown or hairline

Hair fiber hair spray
Perhaps one of the most popular initial hair loss remedies for those who are unhappy with their thinning hair is KeraFiber hair building fibers, which are made of natural kertain and cling to your hair and scalp. Plus, KeraFiber also has a hair fiber spray which ensures that the hair fibers stay in place. The fibers help to create a thick, natural looking barnet which can withstand the inclement weather conditions we experience here in the UK.

The secret behind our natural hair fibers is the electric charge, which effectively bonds the fibers to each other and to your existing hair, leaving you with a secure solution which will last all day before simply washing out in the shower.

Treatments in tandem

Confidence and hair loss are often intertwined, especially for someone in the public eye. If the rumors surrounding Cooper's approach are true, he skillfully combined treatments for optimal results. He may have utilized medication to slow down hair loss while using hair fiber spray to add instant volume and thickness until the medication took full effect. This layered approach could explain his consistently full and healthy-looking hair, red carpet-ready at all times