Adapt to a Midlife Crisis & Avoid Stress

It's no walk in the park, getting older. The youngsters out there may be complaining about their quarter-life crises, but the mid-life crisis is not getting any easier for us to deal with. We're not the lotharios we once were, we make grumbling noises when we stand up from a seated position and we find ourselves increasingly tempted by that mid-afternoon nap. And yet, we still think we've 'got it'.

Growing older gracefully is not as simple as it might seem. It's difficult to let go of our lost youth; the girls, the cars, the parties, the questionable trousers - especially since we still feel 21 on the inside. Unfortunately, it's just the outside that's letting us down. Waking up one day and realising that we're at the 'halfway point' can be a difficult fact to come to terms with for men and women alike.

Plummeting into midlife crisis territory is not healthy for you and can be damaging to those closest to you. Outrageous behaviour, anxiety, depression and a persistent low mood are all common symptoms of the often mocked mid-life crisis. All of these symptoms can seriously affect your close relationships, whether that is with your spouse, close friends or children.

So how can you approach mid-life with balance and avoid the perils that plague men of a certain age? Here's a quick survival guide...

Don't give in, physically

Appearance is important during a mid-life crisis. The emotional difficulties may be the most serious issue, but looking older is often a trigger which can kick-start these feelings. Looking into the mirror and seeing an older gentleman is not the most enjoyable experience when you're struggling to come to terms with the ageing process.

Men tend to go in one of two directions if they are affected by these issues in middle age. One group simply let themselves go, feeling defeated at their older appearance. They forget to take care of themselves, letting everything hang out and retreating into stained old t-shirts and trainers – not the greatest confidence booster when you are already suffering from a low mood. The other group go too far in the other direction. Jumping on the bandwagon with trends which are many years “too young” for them, investing in that season's version of the clichéd 'leather jacket'.

Neither of these approaches are advisable. Instead, it's important to work with what you've got and make the best of your appearance in an age-appropriate way; stay fit, maintain your wardrobe, implement a good skincare regime. For many men facing middle age, hair loss and thinning hair are a big confidence-shatterer.

This, at least, is one issue which can now be effectively tackled without great expense or surgery. New, affordable, non-surgical treatments are now available in the form of instant hair thickening fiber. Instant hair thickening fiber utilises Keratin loaded with a static charge which securely binds additional fibers to existing hair follicles, creating a seamless, thicker, fuller look which lasts in the face of perspiration, wind, rain and even tousling.

Talk about it

If you are experiencing a low mood or depression it is important to be open and honest with those around you and with your doctor too. It is thought that around 20% of men do suffer from some emotional changes and problems when they reach middle age around 45. Many medical professionals believe that these changes are based on hormonal fluctuations which affect men at this stage of their lives. If you are affected, it's important to seek help and have the support of your friends and family. Your doctor may prescribe anti-depressants or a course of counselling to help.

Count your blessings

Finally, take some time to stop and think. Would you really want to be 21 again? Remember the heartache, the hangovers, the confusion and the existential angst? Then think about all that you have now. A career, a direction, fantastic people in your life. It's important to approach middle age with balance. Being young may be glamorous and exciting but there are serious downsides and we bet you're in a much more stable, successful place now you have a few years of life experience under your belt. 

Don't let hair loss rob you of your confidence

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